Fujitsu Delivers Maximum Workstation Performance for Extreme Computing and Visualization Environments

News facts

  • Fujitsu introduces the CELSIUS R920 dual-processor workstation for the most power-hungry applications
  • Ideal for customers that need maximum workstation performance to run graphics-based applications
  • Ultra-reliability plus increased expandability to meet changing future needs
  • Unique cold-plug access for front-loading drives
  • Up to 80 per cent faster performance with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor and Intel® C600 series chipset
  • Available immediately throughout Continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia, India and Japan

CeBIT, Hanover / Munich, March 6, 2012 – Fujitsu today releases its new flagship workstation: CELSIUS R920. This high-end workstation delivers the performance, reliability and expandability that customers require for extreme desktop visualization and personal supercomputing environments.

The Fujitsu CELSIUS R920 is ideally suited for the most demanding compute- and memory-intensive parallel applications in a variety of fields, including mechanical and electrical engineering, digital content creation, visualization, virtual reality, simulation and geo-sciences. The high-end workstation pushes the boundaries of extreme personal computing with sophisticated components, including high-performance, multi-core processors, next-generation graphics subsystems, quad-channel memory technology and high-speed disk drives.

Business benefits
The CELSIUS R920 addresses the requirements of leading businesses’ intensive computing environments in terms of security, interoperability, energy efficiency and user productivity. It also lays the foundations for businesses to meet future desktop computing demands.

With security top of mind, the CELSIUS R920 can be easily rack-mounted in the datacenter and accessed securely with Fujitsu’s PC over IP (PCoIP)-based CELSIUS RemoteAccess solution. Dynamic USB Security ensures secure authentication and authorization of all USB devices connected to the workstation via hardware-implemented USB port protection. Incorporated Intel vPro Technology also delivers security and manageability capabilities that provide for enhanced remote system management as well as accelerating data encryption and streamlining remote system patching.

For simple integration into IT networks, Fujitsu has completed an extensive certification process with ISVs to ensure maximum stability, compatibility and performance of the leading software applications in professional environments.

Energy efficiency and user productivity
With 90 per cent energy efficiency, the CELSIUS R920 reduces operating costs and speeds up the return-on-investment. At the same time user productivity is maximized as a result of minimal 21-decible noise emissions.

Thanks to its extreme expandability, the CELSIUS R920 also ensures that businesses can scale up their investment as their business grows and their needs develop. Cold plug access at the front of the chassis allows for flexible, rapid expansion of up to eight hard disks, boosting total memory to 512 GM. In addition, the CELSIUS features professional graphics power that can grow with businesses’ needs, providing support for up to three ultra-high-end graphics cards including Nvidia SLI and Maximus

Supporting quotes
Dieter Heiss, Head of Workplace Systems at Fujitsu Technology Solutions
“The Fujitsu CELSIUS R920 workstation is the ultimate workhorse, sure to surpass the requirements of the most power-hungry 24/7 operations. It is designed from the ground-up to provide an all-new level of performance to easily handle even the most demanding compute- and memory-intensive parallel applications.”

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