Fujitsu Forum Press Conference: Quote Highlights

Munich, November 5, 2013 – Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business and Society


Rod G Vawdrey, Corporate Executive Vice President Fujitsu Limited and President, International Business

  • Over the last two years, we have been working tirelessly to transform Fujitsu into a truly global force. I’m here today to demonstrate to you that our efforts are paying off.
  • This year’s Fujitsu Forum marks a milestone on our transformation journey.
  • This year’s Fujitsu Forum event will demonstrate our confidence that Fujitsu is playing at a truly world-class level.
  • Fujitsu Forum provides an excellent showcase of our integrated and increasingly-global delivery capabilities, as a world-class ICT vendor.
  • We believe that human-centric approach to Information and Communication Technologies can help to create a more intelligent society, which is a better place for human beings and a better place for our businesses and our social lives.
  • By joining us at Fujitsu Forum, you are looking into the future – because with our Technology and Service Vision we are creating Fujitsu’s blueprint for the years ahead.
  • For each, it sets out Fujitsu’s vision of where we think our company has a role to play in stepping up to the challenge and making the world a better place.
  • I’m pleased to say that Fujitsu is well on its way towards completing the global harmonization of our business.
  • We are putting in place projects to support and promote growth, to reinforce our position as a top ICT vendor globally and ensure that we continue increase our market share.
  • Fujitsu has always been passionate about its people and that will not change. We want to work with our employees and become a responsible and top class employer globally.
  • Fujitsu is absolutely serious about completing its globalization. One achievement that we can confirm is that Fujitsu has now completed the globalization of our product portfolio. From the desktop to the datacenter, our product portfolio has gone truly global.
  • In terms of business outlook, we are confident that we will be able to grow our business because Fujitsu delivers deliver unique benefits to its customers.


Joel O’Halloran, Executive Vice President Services

  •  We have world-class technical expertise and heritage as a services provider, and this becomes a powerful and unique combination when you put it alongside our methods and tools and our services-led approach to partnering.
  • One of the major factors that underpins our success is Fujitsu technology. This is the foundation of Fujitsu’s success in services and solutions.


Hans-Dieter Wysuwa, Executive Vice President Product, Systems, Technology and Channel

  •  We are announcing new high-performance, industry standards-based server technology – a technology evaluation program for our PRIMEQUEST high end servers extends the capacities of in-memory computing up to 12 Terabytes.
  • We’re very proud of our momentum in reaching a major milestone in adopting and managing entire SAP environments.
  • Our PRIMEQUEST servers are now capable of delivering an industry-first breakthrough for in-memory capacity, with the technology evaluation systems able to scale up to four times current limits. Companies evaluating PRIMEQUEST can gain a competitive advantage. They will gain a major speed increase in business velocity from running their mission-critical ERP systems in-memory.
  • In a world where organizations are recognizing that decisions made in real time mean the difference between winning and losing, Fujitsu is ahead of the market.
  • Fujitsu is celebrating 10 years since the first Fujitsu FlexFrame system appeared on the market. Today I am proud to announce a major milestone for Fujitsu with regard to SAP HANA. We are announcing the 300th Fujitsu SAP HANA installation.
  • FUJITSU Enterprise Cloud for SAP HANA extends the power of in-memory based real-time decision-making to the cloud.
  • Now we’re introducing an entire new family of FUJITSU ETERNUS disk and tape systems. From entry-level to the biggest storage installations in the world, ETERNUS is our watchword for keeping data safe and sound.
  • Our platform business isn’t standing still. And Fujitsu is using its broad technology platform to underpin its Solutions business.


Cameron McNaught, Executive Vice President Solutions

  •  Today we announce a new Fujitsu capability which will not only provide our customers with the ability to bring their growing portfolio of cloud services together. The FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform also allows the CIO to act as a cloud enabler supporting the adoption of cloud services and managing them in a simple, consistent and compliant way.
  • The analysts tell us that Fujitsu is leading the way in addressing all three areas of cloud adoption in a single unified platform.
  • It’s an example of how Fujitsu is living up to its brand promise of shaping tomorrow with you.


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